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Collaborative Computational Project Number 14

for Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction


Compiling and installing Linuxconf for Redhat 7.3

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Why use Linuxconf

Linuxconf can be very useful for setting up a Linux system and see what is going on in a user friendly manner. The present GUI configuration tools with the Redhat 7.3 are quite moribound in comparison. (the Redhat setup program excepted but it can be very limited)

Linuxconf used to come with Redhat but they are no longer distributing it with Redhat 7.3 (and 7.2?).

One problem with compiling up and installing Linuxconf is that it can completely stuff up your system. Thus care must be taken when installing Linuxconf and it is best if you don't let it take over things by default.

Where to get Linuxconf

Personal preference was to compile up the source code rather than use the RPMs for Redhat 7.x. However, the first install from the source code caused bootup chaos due to some recommended install defaults; thus went for trying the SRPMs for Redhat Linux 7.x. This seemed to go much smoother without startup problems.

Thus when given the list of versions to install, select Redhat 7.x

Installing Linuxconf

  • As root:

  • rpm -Uvh linuxconf-1.30r1-1.i386.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh linuxconf-gui-1.30r1-1.i386.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh linuxconf-X-1.30r1-1.i386.rpm
  • rpm -Uvh gnome-linuxconf-0.65-1.i386.rpm

  • in theory - done.


When prompted that /etc/shadow is not in sync, Do the update.

To run Linuxconf, as root, type linuxconf

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