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From: Vik Bajaj 
Newsgroups: sci.techniques.xtallography
Subject: Re: STX: Securing Crystallographic computers from electronic intruders/hackers?? - 
             Deception Toolkit (http://www.all.net/dtk/)??
Date: 11 Nov 1998 21:40:21 GMT
Organization: Science and Technology Wing
Xref: daresbury sci.techniques.xtallography:5136

Lachlan Cranswick  wrote:
> The program consists of both a TCP-Wrapper - and Perl scripts 
> that emulate fack buggy deamons/services on un-used ports.
> The strategy being to disable as many un-needed network services 
> as possible and put as many fake deamon scripts up as feasible.  
> (and the TCP Wrappers on used services).  (On a network, this
> would be installed on as many computers as possible).

This is a generally bad idea;  there are far better ways to do
intrusion detection!  Installing fake daemons may provide some limited
information, but it also opens up your system to a host of attacks.

A better solution is to secure your system and utilize a comprehensive
intrusion detection and management system.  At the network-level, this
implies control and logging of connections and connect attempt;  at
the host leve, it implies binary checksums and distributed system
event logging.  Crystallography labs are becoming well-known targets
for script hackers as of late. 

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